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School Age Program

The Learning Tree’s quality School Age and Before and After School Program is tailored To the developmental characteristics and needs of the children we serve. School age children have many of the same needs that preschool children do. They need a safe, secure and comfortable environment. They need contact with caring and well- trained adults who will pay attention To their individual needs and nurture their growing interests in sports, art, music, drama and other recreational activities. School age children also want To feel “grown-up.” Many want To challenge themselves physically and intellectually and test their independence. The Learning Tree’s teachers understand that children change dramatically during the School age years and that the rate and nature of change vary among children and across developmental areas with the same child. This variability is seen by The Learning Tree as an opportunity rather than as a problem.

To support children in their School age years, The Learning Tree’s Before and After School Program contains the following ingredients for success:

  • Resourceful, caring staff
  • Recognition of the importance of peers
  • Opportunities for mixed and same-age groupings
  • Self-selected activities and experiences
  • Guidance of social-emotional development
  • Environments encourage a wide variety of activities
  • The whole child is addressed

Teachers maintain a structure and routine for children in the Before and After School Program. Within the program children are given a choice of activities such as:

  • Problem solving area with puzzles and guessing games
  • Puppet and dramatic play area
  • Art center
  • Music center
  • Homework corner
  • Social area
  • Reading corner
  • Science and math center
  • Writing and language arts center
  • Blocks and board games

Before School (Typically 6:30 a.m.-8:30 a.m.)

Children arrive at the center and are signed in by a parent. They are welcomed by their teacher, hang up their coat and store their lunch and school books. As children arrive, they are allowed To “wake-up” while watching one of our selected movies, cartoons or sing along tapes on our big screen TV. Once all of the children have arrived, breakfast is served! Breakfast, consists of one of our State approved menu selections, e.g. Cereal, milk &fruit or French toast sticks, milk, and fruit etc…. After breakfast, school age children are loaded in our buses and taken To school. Remaining children, clean up, and watch a little more “wake- up” before getting ready To go To their school classroom.

After School (Typically 3:00 p.m.-6:00 p.m.)

Once children are dismissed from their school,our buses pick them up and bring them back To the center. Children are welcomed, then store their coats and book bags and begin To form a circle on the floor. Circle time brings children of different ages together, helping them get To know each other. The children discuss their day, have a snack and then enjoy outdoor physical activities. When children return To the classroom, they choose an activity center for the remainder of the afternoon (with the assistance of the teacher). Space is provided and everyone has the opportunity To work on homework or school assignments. And of course, don’t forget their favorite SNACK TIME!!!

Three Star Rating by TDHS

Three Star Rating by TDHS

  • Four Convenient Locations
  • Ages: 6 Weeks – 12 Years
  • Area School Transportation
  • Hours: 6:30 a.m. To 6:00 p.m.
  • Breakfast, Lunch, & Snack
  • State Vouchers Accepted
  • Family Owned & Operated
  • School Age Summer Camp

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